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Part 3 – Share Content That Secures High Value Online Followers

This blog post is the final part in our series on  “how to market your New Zealand business with surgical precision”. Part 1 in the series provided an understanding of why New Zealand businesses need to know exactly where their customers and prospects hang out online and why they need an active yet professional social…

Mobilize Mail – Offline Client Winning Online

Tough trading conditions requires traditional businesses to break the rules and take all of it or some of it online. Bringing your business online is fraught with challenges – from how to operate your business to how to market it.

GiveAway Campaigns Build Your Email Marketing List Perfectly

Over the last couple of years many of our clients have secured our social medial marketing solutions for business and seen the positive results in their email marketing lists too. A blog is now a vital communication asset for your business and it also works twofold through providing ample material for a GiveAway campaign that grows your email marketing list.

What is Project Campfire

What is Project Campfire? It is a free service to help business owners that Mobilize Mail Limited is reigniting. Project Campfire is a blogging initiative that began 18 months ago, its focus is to help businesses get found on the internet and on the internet search engines. From its inception the Project Campfire has been successful for businesses and offers a popular marketing solution that has no costs to them and asks for a minimum amount of time invested to succeed.

Its All About Timing In Email Marketing

Email marketing makes sense only if the timing is perfect. The marketing campaign conducted via emails has to push the right message at the most opportune times or else it will not have the desired impact. The reason for this is not far to find. Email marketing involves sending emails to a set of subscribers who have opted and signed up for getting updates about a website’s products and updates.

How To Improve Online Marketing

The year 2011 saw online businesses using more effective advertising techniques to reach out to a targeted audience. These techniques were evolved with the aid of research data available about consumer preferences, and the principal idea was to increase brand awareness, make online buying a hassle free experience and also ensure that shopping carts are not abandoned midway due to some site navigation issues.

How To Get The Best Results With Email Marketing

Email marketing is being taken seriously by all online businesses simply because it continues to show excellent results as a marketing strategy in a highly competitive world. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that opens a direct communication channel with prospective customers to invoke their interest in the products and services on offer.

What is the future of Emails for Sharing Information

Emails, the abbreviation for electronic mail, replaced the old system of letter writing, while also making the exchange almost instantaneous even across continents. This makes the sharing of news and information the simplest ever.

More Blogging Equals More New Sales

Ah the company blog, it seems everyone’s got one (this is ours!), sadly not everyone is doing a great job blogging. When Businesses get it right – their sales are more consistent according to hubspot. There is also a clear correlation between frequency of posts versus acquisition of new customers –