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Mobilize Mail – Offline Client Winning Online

Tough trading conditions requires traditional businesses to break away from their usual MO and consider taking all of it or some of it online. And taking your New Zealand business online is fraught with challenges – from how to operate your business, to how to market it.

Other considerations for your business are:  how to get set up online and how to get your online business found now you have so many more competitors locally and globally.

Remember as a traditional offline business, owners are used to foot traffic, meeting prospects face to face and customers coming in the door for a coffee and chat and none of this exists online.

The Heating Company is a New Zealand based company, who for almost 20 years, have championed the business and home heating products needs of New Zealanders. Since introducing under-tile heating in 1994, they have gone on to be the largest supplier of heating, cooling, ventilation and accessory products with a nationwide chain of Installers.

Like many offline businesses in New Zealand THCI realised they could set up part of their business online.  Now they getting the best of both worlds – an online shop for people who prefer the convenience and cost savings achieved through online purchasing and the continuation of their very successful offline distribution business.

Given the very competitive market and sluggish conditions The Heating Company International has made a conscious decision to target and parallel market to our total customer base. Our customer base is multi levelled with various price breaks, so there it is essential that pricing philosophy and specific customer targeting is pre-determined.

We also realised that we needed to put in place the ability for customers to buy direct on line, and the absolute need to utilise a professional e-marketing template, in tandem with a structured social media campaign.

After attempting to achieve this on our own, it became self evident, that we would not succeed without the correct software and with a specialised approach. Mobilize Mail has solved this problem with very affordable stepping solutions.

THCI is delighted with Mobilize Mail’ services and expertise and we are now moving through the steps and achieving great rewards.

Richard Adams
The Heating Company

Mobilize Mail’s role with The Heating Company is to provide our expertise as as an email and social media marketing  service provider.

Last week you may recall we wrote an article on the differences between Marketing and Sales and while The Heating Company are experts at Sales, they soon realised that bringing a part of their business online did prove a bridge too far – when it came to implementing an efficient social media and email marketing solution.   Our solutions for THCI are engineered to work synergistically with their existing customer programs and provide targeted communication to their customers and prospects.  It is early days and we are together looking forward to lots of exciting campaigns ahead.

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