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Top Tips To Rejuvenate Your Email Marketing

How is your email marketing performing? Good, but not great? We hear you, and in this blog post, we provide a few tips, for your business.

Some of our recommendations are brand new, and we’ve also included a few reminders of the must-dos too, as it’s easy to overlook what has always worked for your business.

Achieving better results for any marketing initiative is the overall objective and if your email campaign measurement presents ‘no change’ or worse, a drop in engagement, it’s easy to become disheartened and maybe drop email marketing all together. Well, don’t do that, as email is growing!

Email Use Is Growing

  • More users – email users to grow by 3% by 2022 to 4,258 million
  • Higher levels of engagement, e.g. emails being read, links clicked
  • Technology – for targeted marketing, analytics and management of Spam has email marketers excited about the future of email for marketing and communication.

Do you prefer Social Media over Email for engagement? If so, you may be surprised to learn email outperforms in the most important measurement – the click through rate. According to analysis done by Optinmonster, on average email delivers a 3.71% click through rate and an open rate of 23% whereas social media engagement is still less than 1%.

Yes, you may say, your business is doing a lot better, than these analytics, but is it achieving nearer to; 50 or 60% open rate and 40% or more CTOR?

This is realistic with a little effort, so lets’ look at what you can do immediately to achieve it.

Over time, it’s easy to forget what works for your business or with change, i.e. spending more time on social media, the failsafe marketing activity falls off the radar so we’ll cover the must-dos but first here’s something new to do.

All marketing, needs variety, so if you’re emailing your subscribers in much the same way as you always have done, then you’ll going to get the same result.

Use AI Content Writers

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and the marketing industry has seen major change in recent months because of it. None more so than content generation.

There was a time where advertising and marketing agencies would employ many content writers who’d spend their day crafting targeted messages for audiences, however you might be hard pushed to find more than a couple of full-time writer today.

Now the job is much easier and quicker thanks to AI content writers like ChatGPT and Gemini to name just a couple, as there are many more of these machine-learning apps available and many of them are free to use.

Creating content that resonates with customers is therefore not as challenging as it was before the advent of AI. Blogging, social media updates, drafting emails, and adverts are typical content types for which marketers now use AI writers. While you can copy paste AI-generated content from the app to your blog or your advert there is a better way to use it.

Show your worth to your employer by using an AI writer to create topics and ideas. AI writers can create paragraphs however rewrite most if not all of the content in your own words and then check your progress using an AI detector.

Combining AI content with human creativity will create high-level content that elevates your email marketing and other communication, like social media posts.

Mix It Up – Be A Little Unpredictable

Don’t let your email campaigns become boring and tedious. Even if your business is somewhat prosaic, your marketing can be the opposite.

Email Design

When was the last time you changed your email template? Avoid using the same template with the same headings styling and subject lines. Dare to be bold in some but not all emails. Change colours, images, wording and content.

Email Content

In your email marketing plan, inject some fun, more light hearted topics for email campaigns that get engagement from subscribers who infrequently open or click on images or links.

Crowdsource Ideas

While your business has a great team, expecting them to come up with the best ideas for content every time is untenable. Therefore reaching out to your community of followers, for ideas for your email content topics, not only improves engagement online i.e. in your social media channels, but it also helps to grow your email list.

Use Your Blog For Email Content

This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s a reminder to do what works. Add fresh, unique content to your blog regularly. Remember to add variety in your blog content too, so when you share a snippet of it in your email campaigns, it inspires your email recipients to click through and then share it with their followers.

Social Media and Email Work Better Together

Many marketers prefer one or the other yet it’s well know the social media platforms like Facebook use email to pull their users online. How many emails do you get from Facebook daily? If you’re a regular on that platform and you’ve allowed email communication, expect multiple daily emails.

Your business can grow it’s email list via social media including the tip mentioned earlier, i.e. involve followers in the content inspiration process.

It’s not just social media and email that works well together, your website blog can also email subscribers when new articles, posts are added.

Email Marketing Plan

Have you got an email marketing plan for the next 12 months or are you winging it? If you’re winning it, you’re likely to fall into the trap of doing what comes easy rather than providing variety and thus adding more topics of interest to your readers.


Newsletters connect your brand with its customers and followers. Send out regular updates on what’s happening in your business. Who is new, what’s changed in your products or services. There’s room for some selling too. Remember to add a few links to pages on your website and review the CTOR.

Other eDMs

Use email to reach out to your subscribers for all new product or service updates. Share your company events, special offers, and make sure you reward your email subscribers with discounts or give aways to keep their loyalty.


Ignoring email to grow your business is unwise. Yes, it’s not the latest marketing tool so it’s easy to add it as an afterthought if at all. But, it’s the most reliable marketing and communications channel and it works even better when teamed up other marketing strategies and systems.

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