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Why Less Images in eDMs Works Better

Dropping an image in an eDM is easier and faster to do than using HTML to cleverly present the same message using colour and text. Using images is also more attractive now too with popular email clients immediately downloading images when a message is opened from the recipient’s Inbox.


Is Skimping On eDM Design The Problem?

There was a time your business was handsomely rewarded for just delivering a regular e-newsletter – design didn’t feature highly on the radar. As long as the e-newsletter had good content and a couple of links back to the business website it’s email recipients were happy to take action.


Email & Landing Pages Need To Respond

According to our statistics New Zealanders are using their mobiles for email communication more often than they did last year. Mobile users are also clicking more links in email marketing messages that are responsive therefore we recommend a move to responsive design for linking webpages and also marketing emails. Responsive design in emails presents images…


GMail Downloads Images by Default

On the official Gmail blog Google have confirmed they are changing the way images in your emails are managed. From 12 December Google is rolling out their new image management improvement to the desktop and it is expected to be available on Gmail mobile apps early 2014. Gmail’s Management of Images – What It Means…


More NZers Use Mobiles To View Emails

Since June 2013  our subscriber device statistics graphs have been busily plotting the use of mobile devices to open our clients eDM messages. We can confirm over that time  the use of mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) to open emails in New Zealand is increasing and is up to 40 percent now. Business email…


Email Design Do We Change It Now For Mobile?

In New Zealand email recipients are still using earlier versions of email clients like Outlook 2007 and browsers IE7 & 8. Recent developments in email design suggest we need to focus on mobile devices and how to get the eDM looking great on the smaller screens.  See earlier blog post on Mobile Device use in…


Which Devices Do Your Email List Recipients Use?

Do you need to know if your recipients are using their mobile devices (phones, tablets) to view your business eDM emails?  The short answer is ‘Yes’. In New Zealand most of us are still using the computer (desktop, laptop) to view emails, however mobile device use is on the increase.  The broadband cost will eventually…


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