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Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007

Well well. many times we at Mobilize Mail have yelled at the top of our voices that the KISS principle should be applied to email templates. How many times do we need to say “Inline CSS and tables” is what provides the most consistency for email templates. Here is a link to an article on…


Gmail doesn’t help either

Gmail empowers its users to download email from other accounts into their gmail account which means more and more emails are ending up viewed in gmail. Which means you need to give more attention to Gmail’s display eccentricities when it comes to email. More information on these developments here.


Inside the New .Mac Webmail Client

Apple’s new version of their webmail service looks great but unfortunately it seems to kill your CSS! Have a read of this review and also read the comments as a possible solution is provided. Click here


Relief for the poor battered email marketer

There maybe some relief on the horizon for the poor battered email marketer who spends half their life rigorously following opt-in best practices. We also know about the menace of the “this is spam” button provided by many large ISPs including AOL, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.  We have also seen the studies and gasped at…


Microsoft and Non Standard Characters

If you like to create your email message content in Microsoft Word please read on as you may have some of your subscribers contacting you about funny characters in your message. It seems that Microsoft Word automatically changes straight quotation marks to curly (smart or typographer’s) quotes as you type. This is fine if you…


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