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Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007

Well well. many times we at Mobilize Mail have yelled at the top of our voices that the KISS principle should be applied to email templates. How many times do we need to say “Inline CSS and tables” is what provides the most consistency for email templates.

Here is a link to an article on a web designers/developers web site where the techies are complaining about the new Microsoft Outlook version – 2007 and how the support for CSS has gone back 5 years in history in regards to CSS support. A lot of the fancy “gee whiz” CSS is not supported in the new Outlook application which currently commands a 75-85% market share of the email application market for business.

Some within the Sitepoint forums are stating that we should just tell our subscribers to swap email applications!! I am not sure of the experience and age of some of these people but with my 10 years experience in IT I can almost be certain that the subscribers will not appreciate that comment. 🙂

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