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DIA Tracks TXT Spammers

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 covers electronic messages, mobile txts and faxes. It has been managed by the DIA for nearly seven years now. Are you receiving txt spam? The answer is more than likely ‘yes’.


All About Spam

It is five years since the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 came into effect, so it is a good time to go over what it is all about. Spam is the generic term for the electronic commercial email, fax, and mobile or smart phone text (TXT) and image-based messages you receive without having requested them.


What you Need to Know About Anti Spam

What is Spam? Spam is the generic term for the electronic commercial email, fax, and mobile phone text and image-based messages you may receive without requesting them. You will find that almost always these messages are of a commercial nature and invite you, the recipient, to buy a product or service.


Latest NZ Spam Alerts Now Available on Twitter

Our very own New Zealand Anti Spam Compliance Unit of the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) are now on Twitter according to their latest press release. Their twitter profile is called AntiSpamInfoNZ and it has been created to share information as part of the DIA’s pubic education programme. The latest scams will be broadcasted on the twitter profile along with other useful information for compliance and spam avoidance.


The Anti-Spam Law – Essentials To Be Aware Of

Most of us probably know about the “SPAM” problem by now and attempts to deal with it through the Unsolicited Electronic Message Act. SPAM clogs up the Internet, disrupts email delivery, reduces business productivity, raises Internet access fees, irritates recipients, and erodes people’s confidence in using email. None of us want to receive it, but…


10 Ways to Get Listed as a SPAMMER

A study conducted by Return Path in 2004 revealed that 60.1% of people deleted un-read messages from unknown senders. Even more disturbing 23.4% hit their “report this email as SPAM” button provided by the ISP and email subscriptions that they were subscribed to were also included. In this article I will present 10 of the…


Spam Filter Triggers Update

A recent report on what the major spam filter’s flag as possible spam states that by a long shot any emails that have a higher ratio of images to text will be flagged as spam. Also in the report there are some interesting findings of other text or phases that can greatly penalized your email…


NZ Anti SPAM Act – Do you know why we have it?

“Junk war rages on despite spam act” “NZ Anti-Spam Law Seen as Ineffective” and on and on…. One thing that still bugs me to this day is most people (who should know better) in  the email marketing/ISP sector believing that the NZ Anti-SPAM Act will somehow magically reduce the amount of SPAM Kiwi’s will receive….


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