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Your website needs unique, relevant and dynamic content so you should have a blog. Why? Well, Google loves unique content and while this is reason enough given the volume of searches every day, there are more pressing grounds for making content your top priority.
Why Does Your Website Need New Content?
Your customers use the internet for everything from working to reading the news to conversing with their friends. Shopping online has overtaken in-store purchases.
How do we find what we are looking for online?
We do an online search in Google or Bing. The key words we put into the search box result in close matches to websites. The most relevant content ranks the highest i.e. on the first page.  
Does your business website need visitors and customers?
Yes, of course, it needs traffic otherwise what is your website’s purpose – for if it is not for your visitors and customers!
Mobilize Mail knows a thing or two about content. We have blogs that have stood the test of time. How so? Well, BusinessBlogs loves quality articles on business topics. Anyone in business needs to learn and we love to share so it’s a win-win.


As a service provider we know it’s important to ‘walk the talk’ and our blog team have worked extremely hard over the years to succeed with our blogs and more importantly with our clients’ blogs.


Are you an article writer? Become a guest contributor to BusinessBlogs.

Business Blog Content Marketing Service

Our business blog content marketing service starts with ‘research’.


We consider research an integral component in our service model. It ensures every custom written article is relevant and topical so it is of interest to its intended audience.


How the article is presented online is also a step we like to be hands-on with insofar as we may suggest the use of a hyperlink, or a custom image to improve its appeal and interaction.


The final step in our business blog service is ‘sharing’ the article. Utilising social media and email we share our articles with our followers. Sign up for our monthly newsletter here

Ad Hoc and Monthly Blog Post Copywriting

Utilise our copywriting service either on an ad-hoc or monthly arrangement to compliment your own blogging efforts. Our custom written blog posts will focus on key search terms and integrate with your other online marketing initiatives.

Mobilize Mail – CSN

In addition to our social networks which now exceed 60,000 followers, we have a couple of sites we’re really proud of and keen to share with you.


In 2003 we set up PropertyTalk – which is for blogging and online discussion. PropertyTalk loves all content on real estate, construction, home life, renovating, investing and so on.


In 2009 we set up BusinessBlogs – and now it is one of the preferred sites for tips and articles on business, startups, technology and management.  


Tens of thousands of people visit both PropertyTalk and BusinessBlogs every month.


Is Your Business Providing A Product or Service To the Property Sector?  

Is Your Business Providing A Product or Service?  


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