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Most Viewed Christmas Video 2018



Every December we hunt down the most viewed Christmas video, but before we get to it, let’s recap. on which Christmas videos topped the popularity charts the previous couple of years (2017, 2016) and why businesses put so much time and investment into these videos which last just a few minutes.

Starting with the ‘why’ – yes, you guessed it, the payoff for the time and investment is huge brand exposure. 🙂

The UK’s large retail stores; Sainsbury, M&S, John Lewis and many more set aside quite a large budget each year for their Christmas message video and while you may be thinking: isn’t that a risky move?

Why would they spend millions an a video that lasts a few minutes?

Well, we know they can afford but that’s not the point here. Videos can have huge audience reach.

Global reach in fact, and every Christmas, viewers, many whom don’t visit youtube much if at all throughout the year, flock here in huge numbers just to watch the Christmas videos.

Another similar event is ‘Super Bowl’, where the adverts are replayed for all to view many times over.

Last year’s big Christmas video was M&S’s Paddington Bear TV Ad and the year before that in 2016, it was The Greatest Gift from Sainsburys.

In 2015, (my favourite so far) it was another Ad from Sainsburys – Mog’s Christmas Calamity. Before we get to this year’s stand out video from John Lewis, the marketing message is this: use video in your marketing.

In your 2019 marketing plan, put in a video marketing campaign and here’s some tips on what type of video content attract viewers.

Okay the moment you’ve all been waiting for….drum roll



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