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22 Immutable laws of marketing in 2018



How relevant is the 22 immutable laws of marketing in 2018?

This is a good question as undeniably this book has been a top seller for many years. Released in 1994 by Al Ries, Jack Trout, it offered a no nonsense sort of dog-eat-dog world understand of marketing, and as the saying goes: Violate them at your own risk.

So are the laws relevant in 2018? Yes, it’s hard to fault any of them. In the next few blog posts we’ll review some of the lessons from the book kicking off here with the laws of resources and of perception.

1. The Law of Resources

Even in the age of the Internet and in particular social media, investment is required to get to your customers. This is why the likes of Facebook, Google earn billions in revenue from advertising.

There’s still no such thing as free. If you value your time, you’re not free so if you’re the marketing person for your business while you’re managing campaigns you’re not working on something else therefore that’s the investment.

Whether marketing is a good use of your time is another question that only you can answer.

Marketing is critical to the success of all businesses and it needs the best resources available.

Check out this article on how some businesses get great results from content & digital marketing.

2. The Law of Perception

The role of Marketer is not for everyone. It’s hard for some people to grasp just what it’s all about. Is it manipulation? Is it an illusion? Yes it is both.

Marketing is perception more than reality. You see where this is going, marketing is not black and white, many shades of very colour and it’s intangibility frustrates many of us as we attempt to firmly grasp not only what needs to be done in so many channels to reach our intended audiences but how whatever action we take can be truly measured.

Marketing is also non-transactional like advertising, so we don’t spend $1000 on a campaign and know categorically what we will get in return.

Plus the results we get today, we may not get tomorrow but weeks from now, it might be a happier story for the marketer. It really is that hard to grasp without any real sense of conviction. In saying this, the good news is not all marketing is created equal, some strategies are more reliable.

Email – A Reliable Marketing Strategy

Email marketing for example continues to punch above its weight among the plethora of strategies available at our fingertips though due to its low investment and easy to measure conversion, and high trust value its the go to strategy.

Businesses without the resources to spend thousands on digital marketing, will always include email marketing in the mix, knowing that if all else fails email marketing will come through.


These two laws of marketing still reign supreme. Whatever your strategy, it takes money to make money and the content in your campaigns must still focus on perception over reality. Email campaigns that respect the recipient, provide value, share knowledge and tips, offer relevant deals will always deliver!

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