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Digital Marketing Needs Email



Some businesses are falling into the trap of just using social media to share their digital marketing campaigns. In this article: Digital Marketing Traps and Tips we’ve identified many more errors being made and tips to correct them so digital marketing campaigns perform better. Not in that business blogs’ article, but worth mentioning here, is the desire to exclude email marketing from the mix when sharing and broadcasting content.

Marketers have either forgotten the ‘tried and true’ channel “email” or they’ve fallen into the trap of believing email no longer works. This is a big mistake – email marketing remains the best channel for communication, conversion (clicking of links within the eDM) and engagement (taking further action once they’re where you want them to be – on your website or landing page).

Email – Most Trusted Channel

Marketers and business owners whom have chosen to exclusively use social media to share new content (especially interactive content) may be wondering why they’re not seeing the usual spike in website visitors during the month. Well we have the answer – you’re not communicating with your email list subscribers. Email marketing is still the most trusted channel for communication so to ignore it is risky. Plus you own your email list so it’s a valuable asset that should be given priority when sharing news, events and just about everything to do with your business.

Target Your Audience In Social Media & Email

One of the traps mentioned in the traps and tips article is the lack of time dedicated to sharing digital marketing campaigns. So much time has gone into creating your content (videos, blog posts, etc) yet when it comes to sharing it, it’s often an after thought. Social media sharing plugins makes sharing easy work however to get a better result customise your broadcasts.

“Avoid the ‘one size fits all’ trap when sharing content in social media”

Pay more attention to the intelligence you gather on your intended audience and make sure you target them specifically when sharing your content. Use different titles and introductions in each social media channel and remember email marketing is the best performing channel so it too must come first and foremost. Digital marketing offers immediacy however like all marketing campaigns it too takes preparation and perfect execution to get the best results.

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