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Email Marketing Plan for 2018

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For the email marketers whom have yet to get their email marketing plan underway, here are some tips to make it a huge success with more email subscribers, better conversion rates and lower unsubscribes.

Write Down Your Email Marketing Goals

Your email marketing plan will keep you focused and motivated throughout the year. Start with writing down your goals. To work out what you want to achieve, review the results for the previous 12 months.

Review the statistics of your eDM campaigns

Starting with your newsletters, how many did you send out and which performed better for conversion (opens and clicks)? Make a note of the content that got the most traction and consider revising it for future newsletters.

Now move onto your sales eDMs. Analysing the conversion rates and also the unsubscribe rates will let you know what interests your subscribers and also what turns them off.

What’s Your Competitors Doing?

To also assist with your goal setting keep a keen on your the email marketing of your competitors. While it’s not wise to spend too much time watching your competitors, what they’re doing can provide insight that can be used in your campaigns. We’re not all innovators or early adopters so we can copy what they’ve already tried and tested. If you’ve not done this so far sign up for emails from businesses you find innovative and interesting for inspiration. This can also be noted as a goal on your email marketing plan and you can review how it has benefited your business in future reviews.

Create a Timeline of eDM Campaigns

Now you have your goals organised it’s time to plot on a calendar the eDM campaigns your business will deliver throughout the year. Remember to spread them out – i.e. mix it up so some campaigns are just knowledge sharing (your newsletters) and others are sales (special deals, new products or services). There is one other type of campaign that needs to be included – new subscribers outreach.

Include eDM Campaigns To Grow Your List

Reviewing your email statistics will let you know how many unsubscribed and how many subscribed during the past year. To continue to attract new subscribers, include a few eDMs that focus on growing your email list.

Refer a friend’ campaigns work well when they offer value to your existing subscribers so they’re compelled to refer their friend to sign up and receive your marketing emails.

Set an Email Marketing Budget

Now you know what you want to achieve and how to measure success the final step is to have a budget. Work out what it’s going to cost and set the spend aside from your other marketing initiatives so it’s locked in.

Remember when costing out your campaigns include the service fees for eDM design, development, delivery and management.

Now you’re all set for the year ahead.

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