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eDM Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the method of using analytics and feedback to measure and improve the conversion rate from your website or landing pages. It’s focus is to reduce the bounce rate – that is visitors leaving your website without first taking action on it.

Similarly CRO can be used to improve your eDM (email marketing) conversion rate. The focus being to improve the open rate or more importantly the haloed ‘click rate’ off the email messages.

The adage ‘‘knowledge is power and information is liberating’’ is worth recalling every time you create eDM campaigns.

Continue to learn more about your website visitors or email list subscribers likes, and preferences. With this knowledge you will be liberated to create presentations of your services and products in campaigns that closely match the likes of your audience and thus avoiding a scattergun approach.

The outcome of continue use of CRO is more targeted eDMs and higher than average conversion rates (increase in open rate, click rate).

Conversion Rate Optimisation is therefore not a ‘set and forget’ tool – that is used once.

Online marketing is forever changing, the expectations of visitors will continue to grow so your online marketing campaigns need to adapt to survive. Testing is therefore an on-going process. What worked in one eDM campaign may not work in another and that’s the frustration or welcomed challenge of using CRO to improve your conversion rate.

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