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Quality Filters For Your Email List


In our earlier blog article Email List Size Matters we analysed why your email lists are so valuable to your business and what steps to take to look after them and also attract more subscribers. We don’t have ultimate control over our social profiles and pages and so many of the channels that feed our business with visitors and clients yet we spend a lot of time and money nurturing them; often with dedicated personnel tasked with updating and posting regularly throughout the day. As a business we need to also focus on what we do own now more so then ever before.

Social media is highly unpredictable. User experience changes regularly on it and mostly without warning so if the worst happens and your business loses your social assets, even for a short time, you’ll be relieved you have a quality email list to work with.

Follow Up Campaigns to Filter Your Email List

Use follow up campaigns to naturally filter your email lists. Regular email campaigns will naturally filter out the subscribers whom have no interest in your business or it’s services i.e. unsubscribes. We recommend a monthly newsletter or it can be less often if you have other email campaigns running throughout the month.

Email Newsletters – A Soft Filter For Your Email List

Email newsletters are perfect for communicating with your clients, advocates and prospective customers. Your business gets the opportunity to show off. Communicate the wins as well as your expertise and also show off your relationships with the community and other businesses. These campaigns are generic by nature, the content is about the business not specifically selling it’s wares so they’re a soft quality filter for your email list.

Product or Service Email Campaigns – Quality Filters

Campaigns that focus on a specific product or service will be more target and the call the action direct. Offering a special offer or promotion for a limited time only will attract a higher rate of conversion so you’re likely get sales and when analysing the click statistics you’ll learn more about your email list subscribers e.g. what they’re interested in for future campaigns. These product or service campaigns also get a higher unsubscribe rate and while that’s a little scary it’s also an opportunity to segment your email list. Another way of segmenting your email list is by requesting their input on the sign up page – ask your subscribers what they’re interested in. The easiest way to do this is to offer a few options and they make their selection before subscribing.

Honouring your subscribers email content wishes pays off. Your business is rewarded with their subscription and while many subscribers never appear to take the action you desire i.e. buy from you; they can and will share your emails with their social networks of friends etc and that is free marketing for your business.

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