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Email List Size Matters



The size of your email list should be your focus in 2017. Grow it. Set up online and offline campaigns dedicated to list-building. The campaigns need to be relevant to your target audience and capture the basic information initially then follow-up with campaigns that are more targeted. Next, analyse your follow-up campaigns and all email marketing statistics to build segments of your email list subscribers so your business can target it’s offerings more accurately and be rewarded with a higher success rate.

Wow! There is a lot of work to do and there’s no time like the present to get started so in this blog post we focus on the initial campaigns which run continuously and how they can build up your email list.

Looking Back To Go Forward

Start off by looking at your current sign-up process of list building campaigns e.g. your business may have campaigns for: ‘join our newsletter’ or ‘download this free report’. Review the registration page data fields i.e. what are you collecting? Ideally you’re just asking for their email address and first name and maybe region if your business and it’s offerings are regionalised. Asking for too much information can scare aware a prospective subscriber.

“Remember to update all list building campaigns regularly so they’re consistent your current branding.”

One Time Only Offers To Get Sign Up

Once you know what you’re working with – change it. Even little tweaks can make a difference. Then move onto setting up new ‘click bait’ campaigns to entice sign up. Consider what can your business can give away that will be of immediate value to your intended subscribers. Each year on your email marketing plan schedule at least four campaigns with exciting free offers.

Joint Venture Offers

Even small businesses can reach large audiences. Partner with other businesses. Who can your business partner with to offer specials that interest all parties i..e you, your partner and your intended audience? This type of marketing works a treat. An example of synergistic marketing is loyal programs like AirNZ Airpoints. Another is Vodafone’s Fantastic Fridays offers.

These campaigns are perfect for injecting multiple new subscribers onto your list quickly and your business gets to reach out beyond its own network. Leveraging off partner networks and marketing infrastructure will provide a huge boost to your email list building effort. These campaigns are short-term by nature so to create a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out with the aim of enticing immediate action from the prospective subscribers.

In our next blog post we will explore follow up campaigns and how they improve the quality of your email list.

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