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Are Your Emails Being Read?

This is a good question – are your emails being read? Marketing today is tough-going especially if you’re doing the same as you ever have i.e. impersonal, transactional and always focused on what’s in it for you.

Today consumers demand more and marketers who don’t focus their content to please their intended audience end up with emails being ignored. The open rate is the statistic for the title or subject line and if it triggered initial interest to get an ‘open’. It’s a statistic we follow closely however it’s the ‘click rate’ that proves the content is of genuine interest to the reader i.e. your email subscribers.

When a link within the content has been clicked it’s proves some if not all of the email content has been read, and therefore this is the statistic that most marketers analyse, to find out what content works and is of interest to the reader. More of the same type of content will be used again to get a equal or better conversion.

How To Get Your Emails Read
  1. Make It Personal – use personalisation in the salutation and within the content to grab the interest of the recipient
  2. Targeted Content – use relevant topics, interests and deals
  3. Ask Permission – your email subscribers should be encouraged to select which topics, deals etc they want from you
  4. Design – all emails must be mobile friendly

In this article on BusinessBlogs more detail is provided on why emails are not read. We know email as a communications channel is still trusted and preferred over other options like social media yet for B2B marketing there are pitfalls to avoid. Even if your focus is on other platforms like Facebook, twitter etc digital marketing needs email so it’s best to know exactly how to use it to get the result you need – i.e. your emails read.

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