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Is This Christmas Video Worth It’s 21M Views?

In an earlier blog article titled: Is a Video worth 1.8 million words? the value of video as a valuable marketing tool for business was reviewed.  Videos that grab attention usually with entertainment and also present a clear message, win over viewers and become viral.

Sainsburys – a British supermarket chain is renown for it’s official Christmas advert and while their earlier annual Christmas advert videos have been well viewed this year’s video is so popular it has an X factor.  So far there have been more than 21 million views of it in less than a month!

The absence of any actual advertising in the video could be a contributing factor. Its success is extraordinary and from it we suggest your email marketing plan for 2016 also includes a few soft sell campaigns that focus on sharing information and they too may go viral for your business.

Check out the video….


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