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Latest NZ Spam Alerts Now Available on Twitter

Our very own New Zealand Anti Spam Compliance Unit of the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) are now on Twitter according to their latest press release.

Their twitter profile is called AntiSpamInfoNZ and it has been created to share information as part of the DIA’s pubic education programme.

The latest scams will be broadcasted on the twitter profile along with other useful information for compliance and spam avoidance. The Unit will also publish what they are doing to enforce compliance of the law, with warnings, infringement notices and prosecutions.

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (The NZ Act) became law to manage the proliferation of spam, which is transmitted via fax, SMS, and email. It followed similar laws of other countries including the American Can Spam Act 2003.

The NZ Act covers SMS and email transmission and commercial messages cannot be sent via SMS or email without the recipient’s consent. There are three types of consent and more on the Act can be found in this layperson’s article called “The Anti-Spam Act – the essentials to be aware of”.

Mobilize Mail is committed to providing information on compliance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

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