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DIA Tracks TXT Spammers

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 covers electronic messages, mobile txts and faxes. It has been managed by the DIA for nearly seven years now.

Are you receiving txt spam? The answer is more than likely ‘yes’.

The process for reporting txt spam is quick. Send a txt to 7726.

How the complaint is analysed to track back to the originator has recently stepped up a gear due to a new partnership.

The DIA has entered into a public private partnership with an international reporting service to track spammers and fraudsters breaking New Zealand’s anti-spam law.

From the DIA website

“The GSMA Spam Reporting Service provides a worldwide clearinghouse of messaging threats and misuse which have been reported by mobile users and is operated on behalf of the GSMA by Cloudmark, Inc.

The GSMA Spam Reporting Service further provides Internal Affairs with correlated reports on global patterns and trends in SMS threats, originating both within and outside of New Zealand networks.

The data analysis would allow operators the insight needed to address sophisticated and evolving messaging threats that could negatively impact the user experience as well as available network resources.

Detailed drill downs into individual attacks can be used to measure effectiveness of fraud and phishing, giving operators the ability to identify and block attacks and plan for network and security services.

The introduction of the new service has the support of New Zealand mobile operators, Telecom New Zealand, Skinny, Vodafone New Zealand and 2degrees; it is used around the world through providers such as AT&T in the United States and government regulators in the United Kingdom and South Korea”

With the increasing usage of mobile devices around the world and in New Zealand for business marketing; the DIA have surely stepped up to the challenge locally which is good news for all New Zealanders.

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