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“Did You Know” Mobile Market Statistics

Check out these amazing “did you know’s…” statistics on the size of the burgeoning global mobile market.

An Infographic was kindly shared with us and it provides a fun and factual account of how mobiles are ‘taking over the world’.

Did you know users used their mobiles to….


181 Million Smartphones are sold daily and that equates to five times the number of children born each day!

And finally I find this statistic is a bit of a reality check …

There are 2 billion PCs in the world and this year there will be 7.7 Billion mobiles devices in use. This number does include laptops. Smartphones alone will reach 1.4 Billion.

Click here to view The Golden Age of Mobile Infographic

Many thanks to Michael of Pennystocks for kindly sharing this Infographic

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