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GMail Downloads Images by Default

On the official Gmail blog Google have confirmed they are changing the way images in your emails are managed.

From 12 December Google is rolling out their new image management improvement to the desktop and it is expected to be available on Gmail mobile apps early 2014.

Gmail’s Management of Images – What It Means To The User

You may have already experienced the instant downloading of images in your emails when using your mobile.

iPhone (iOS) is the most prevalent mobile phone used for viewing emails in New Zealand and images are automatically presented to the user when they view an eDM (email message).  This is essentially the experience you will get as a default setting in your Gmail account.

When you access your Gmail account via your desktop, laptop or mobile you will see the images instantly when you read your emails.  Therefore your email experience is greatly enhanced.  No longer will you need to click the button to permit the downloading of images in your emails.

Google say you can manage your image display settings to restrict the instant display of images if desired.

Gmail’s Management of Images – What It Means To eDM Statistics

ESP’s (email service providers) are not so happy with this new improvement as it may compromise the ability to track multiple open statistics.

The unique open statistic is provided as usual however multiple opens of the eDM may not be recorded.  This is disappointing to ESPs like us as we fundamentally just love tracking everything.  The most important statistic is of course the ‘click’ and that is unaffected so we can all breath a sigh of relief!



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