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Which Devices Do Your Email List Recipients Use?

Do you need to know if your recipients are using their mobile devices (phones, tablets) to view your business eDM emails?  The short answer is ‘Yes’.

In New Zealand most of us are still using the computer (desktop, laptop) to view emails, however mobile device use is on the increase.  The broadband cost will eventually drop here and mobile devices will become the norm for all forms of online communication including receiving emails.

Therefore the contents of your eDM including the styling will more than likely need to change to meet the small screen display.  A few months ago we made the move to use less images, less width, larger font sizes and more HTML colour in our monthly newsletter template.

Habits will need to change along with your template.  For example linking to your email content on webpages will replace the longwinded eDM.  A title, with a sentence or two and a click through link per topic will become the norm for marketing emails.

Mobilize Mail is recording the devices used by recipients opening eDMs in the statistics area of your account.

The eDM statistics in your account will also reveal the email client, browser and operating system used by your recipients to open your messages.Mobilize Mail Email Marketing Dashboard

In New Zealand it’s safe to say right now, the computer is being used more by than 80 percent of the time to open emails.

There is no major panic required right now but change is looming so there is time to get your templates and eDMs mobile ready before it becomes essential to the success of your eDM campaigns.



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