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More NZers Use Mobiles To View Emails

Since June 2013  our subscriber device statistics graphs have been busily plotting the use of mobile devices to open our clients eDM messages.

We can confirm over that time  the use of mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) to open emails in New Zealand is increasing and is up to 40 percent now.

Business email lists vary however and some clients have a 20 – 30 percent open rate via mobiles.   What is evident is the use of tablets and smart phones is on the rise as data plans become more competitive.

While New Zealand is still a long way behind America we are gradually increasingly using our smart phones and tablets for email and online activity.

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What do your business emails look like on mobiles?

There is a high probability that many of your business email marketing recipients are using their mobile devices to view your eDM messages and your email campaign open rate has increased as a result.

Our subscriber device statistics tell us more New Zealanders use Apple phones and tablets (well over 80 percent of all mobile users).

Apple iOS automatically downloads images so the ‘open’ statistic is instant.  There are other brands of mobiles that also allow the instant downloading of images which provides the ‘open’ statistic.  Therefore with more emails being opened in mobiles your overall eDM campaign open statistic rises.

The rise in the Open statistic directly impacts on the CTOR (click to open rate) which will appear lower than usual.

To get a better CTOR your eDMs need to be suitable for mobile users.  The image above shows a standard eDM and below it an eDM designed for all email clients including mobiles.

If the content is presented in a wide template and the content font size is small the eDM will  invariably present poorly on the smaller screens.

eDMs need to use larger font sizes for both headings, and content and the click through button and a good mix of HTML and images so the computer users are not left with lots of blank spaces before the images are downloaded.   It is a balancing act – but with a little attention to detail your business email marketing can achieve better open and click rates irrespective of the device used to open the messages.


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