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Email Design – Layout and Format Tips

Just like web design, getting the layout of an HTML email right is essential. Here are some tips focusing on the layout and format of your email, these tips will help your Email Marketing NZ campaigns to be successful.

Tips on Email HTML Layout and Format

  • Keep to under 700 px wide – This tip is probably the most crucial – readers do not and will not want to scroll from side to side in the email. Most readers scan the email so keeping everything in the 600 – 680px wide format will mean readers can just scan without scrolling.
  • Calls-to-Action – If your readers are scanning then the top part of your email will get the focus, so if you can grab their attention and get them to take attention immediately, then your email is a success. Everything about your call to action should entice readers to click on them – to sign up, to do something, see something or make something happen.
  • Tell a story – The most effective emails tell a story and this needs to be apparent from the subject line to the content. Your email content needs to be relevant and all graphics and links should tie into it.
  • Use HTML text and fonts – stick to the basics here like, Arial, Verdana and Georgia. Web embeddable fonts will not work across all email packages.
  • Plan for no images – Many of us block images in the emails we receive, so using too many images is counter productive. Have an option to view the email in a browser and if the subject line and content is compelling enough then the recipient may open the email in their browser.
  • Be bold with your Brand – Be clear right from the start who exactly is talking to your email subscriber. Make sure your brand and logo are prominently displayed at the top of the email, and your email ties in with your overall brand.
  • 3 columns max – Given that you have a max of 600 pixels in width to work with, creating a layout with more than 2 columns limits what you’re able to create and the visual impact.
  • Images on the left, text on the right – Keeping to 2 or 3 columns and remembering that readers’ eyes are attracted more strongly to striking images rather than text, put the image on the left, so it’s the first thing your readers see.

In conclusion, lead with the most important and relevant content, have keywords in headings and use bolded words and type treatments on the far left to break up your content.

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