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Achieve Higher Returns With Email Marketing

Internet customers are often seen as an impersonal username or email address giving very few clues about the human-being behind the screen.

However the data available to email marketers provides ample insight into consumer behaviour. Information like consumer’s interests, preferences and proclivities can be utilised to market smarter to the right people, at the right time.

According to Adotas, research suggests in 2011 the overwhelming majority of online advertisers will use data-driven targeting to enhance the suitability and effectiveness of their advertising. This targeted approach will increase people’s brand awareness and their average order value, while decreasing cart abandonment.

The first step for a business to have an effective New Zealand Email Marketing campaign is to capture the appropriate data and then process it to market products and services that interest consumers.

At Mobilize Mail we focus on the quality of data capture and apply rules to it so our client delivers highly targeted messages that net higher response.

We customise our client’s accounts so they can capture relevant information, such as purchasing data, frequent buyer recognition, life-stage identification and similar purchasers identification, to help create more targeted marketing campaigns.

Data: Getting the right information

What purchasing data are you collecting from your customers? Customers purchasing history and frequent buyer statistics would set your business up for offering reward and loyalty programs that are automated – perfect for the online customer!

Purchasing History

Understanding what your customers are likely to purchase in the future doesn’t require a crystal ball, with purchasing data you can get a reasonable idea of their likes based on purchases. If a customer recently bought a high-end digital camera, then its highly likely they are interested in purchasing camera accessories such as lenses, tripods, cases etc. Armed with this historical purchasing data a savvy online retailer would target advertise relevant camera accessories and camera deals to this consumer. To encourage repeat purchasing retailers often target up-sells and discounts to these consumers.

Frequent Buyer Loyalty Programs

If you can identify frequent buyers of certain items then targeted marketing can be highly effective. Many people now buy shoes online and when a retailer can identify the ‘shoe addicts’ among these consumers; he can easily target offers and other information to these small-time ‘Imelda Marcos’ for higher ROI.

Reward your frequent purchasers and they will become your ‘brand advocates’.

Life-Stage, Life-Style

Getting the right information to the right people is the endgame of target advertising. If you’re sending messages like; ‘Half-price Stilettos – this month only!’ to a frequent shoe purchaser, it’s wise to make sure they are of a high-heel wearing demographic and not a retired grandma.

Information such as; age, gender, location and lifestyle can help you target the right message towards the right people. If you don’t have this demographical information your marketing becomes less targeted, reducing its effectiveness.


Use data to target your email marketing for more effective online retailing. Capturing and making sense of the data is the first step and one of the most important challenges of online target marketing.


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