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Mobilize Mail’s Top Tips for Mobile Marketing for New Zealand Business

The smartphone revolution is under-hyped, more people have access to phones than access to running water. We’ve never had anything like this before since the beginning of the planet.
– Marc Andreessen

More and more these days customers are accessing their emails and engaging online via their mobile smartphones.

As a New Zealand Business you need to ensure that your email design and website landing pages are compatible with the ever changing technology of the mobile phone world.

Smartphone users are spoiled by the user experiences they get from their many applications. So having a mobile marketing strategy is now another consideration for businesses in New Zealand.

Mobilize Mail’s Top tips for Mobile Marketing (email & landing pages)

The Finger Test – can your page be used by customers, using just one finger?  The less multi-finger requirement needed will make your email or webpage more attractive.  Mobile users seem happy to scroll down or flick across pages as long as the content is relevant.

Be Direct – Edit down to the minimum amount of information required.  Keep emails and other information simple and focused.  Mobile users have a purpose and intent, they are not generally browsing, so the sooner you can determine their needs, the better you can fulfill them.

Match up – If your email directs them to a landing page on the web, make sure they match and that the landing page works and is relevant.

No Flash – Flash-based video delivery networks are not the optimum option for mobiles, so check out  rich content providers that deliver mobile compatible versions for your content.

Keep it friendly –  Mobile communication should be friendly and easy to view, but if your customers don’t want the mobile experience, make sure you give them an option for opting out and back to your normal full size website.

Mobile marketing campaigns –  create a mobile-targeted campaign for your smartphone users.  Start small and gain some confidence.

The use of smartphones has exploded beyond expectation and to ignore this medium could hurt your business.

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