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How To Enhance Customer Engagement Through Social Media

Retaining customers, building customer loyalty and keeping them satisfied are some of the biggest challenges for New Zealand businesses today.

Social Media can help manage these challenges.

Businesses can put systems in place to gauge their customers’ level of engagement on social media and thus understand their behavior and analyze how to involve them further. It is easy to see the number of visitors to a site, but how many stay for long enough to browse through products and services and how can they become potential customers, is the crucial question.

Engaging these potential customers is the smart way to get conversions, build loyalty and secure repeat business.

Social media can be of great help in increasing the level of customer engagement. This is through the use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, to rope in prospective clients, involve them in various aspects of the business through posts and updates, and sharing of information through other members. Before they even buy the product, they begin to relate to it and feel involved.

The expertise of the business owner in the field, answering their queries and resolving their doubts, all add up to push the level of engagement higher. This also helps to build a relationship beyond the product, and the association extends to the whole business.

Social media will then push these engaged customers to share their experiences with others on the network. This is the real reward, since spreading word, and this word of mouth advertising through known sources is what makes the most effective sales pitch for a product.

New Zealand Businesses have to ensure that they have programs and processes in place to push for better social media outcomes. Having a predefined outcome makes the task easier since the programs can be customized for the goal.


Social media and networks are going to make a difference if used in the right manner for social media marketing and reputation management. The outcome will include:

  • Higher customer loyalty this can be checked by the number of repeat visitors, who make a purchase time and again.
  • More customer referrals the satisfied customer is one who is willing to provide references, and push his friends to buy as well.
  • Better experience customers need to be happy with their buying experience.

These outcomes can be achieved if the right processes are used and the customer is convincingly engaged with the business and the products being sold. The era of the engaged customer has set in and that alone holds the key to a successful business

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