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Mobilize Mail – Email & Social Media Marketing Planning

When we talk about marketing plans it is important to start the process with a clear understanding of the difference between sales and marketing, as they are not same thing.

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Marketing is essentially the ground work that allows you to get to a point where a sale can be negotiated and sealed. You could say that sales are an activity of marketing. So while Sales is a fairly quick process, Marketing enjoys is a much longer lifecycle.

A marketing plan with regular milestones will help you stick with the process and a close relationship with the sales team will ensure the marketing effort is realised through to revenue for your New Zealand Business.

Tips for your email & social media marketing plan

The initial step is to review how your company has performed to date with whatever marketing strategies it has utilised.

  • Start with your current marketing strategies – what are you doing with email and social media to market your New Zealand business your business currently doing an email newsletter or maintaining a blog or Facebook page?
  • Take note of some statistics – e.g. Number of subscribers on your email list, number of unsubscribes each time you send a message to your email list, number of clicks on links in your newsletter and likewise with your other online assets – how many visitors are reading your blog or have liked your business Facebook page.

The next step is to understand what strategies you’d like to utilise over the next 12 months and beyond.

  • What email marketing & social media marketing do you want to do going forward? –  Your list may include some current marketing and new strategies.  Analysing the success you’ve had to date will provide a foundation to work with. For example if you have sent out regular email newsletters over the last year but you’ve noticed your email list numbers have dwindled – one task you’ll want on your plan is ’email list growth’ and list the actions you’re going to take to grow your list, and the milestones for the next 12 months.

Another Step is to create a 12 month Budget for your Business Marketing

  • What investment is required? – It’s important to set aside a budget for the 12 month plan. It’s counterproductive to commence your marketing only to have to halt it half way through due to lack of funds. Service providers often offer attractive payment plans for example Mobilize Mail offers a 12 month payment plan on their email and social media marketing solutions so you can spread the cost over the year and therefore making it all the more affordable for your business.

Finally Get Professional input from the Experts

  • Seek input from the Service Providers – Lean on the service providers to assist your business with your marketing plan. Third parties deal with lots of businesses and have information and experience that you can access for the benefit of your business. For example Mobilize Mail is often invited to be part of the marketing planning of their clients and the input is based on what is working in email and social media right now, as well as insight into new technologies and solutions available.

Plan to succeed with a 12 month marketing plan.  Choose strategies that provide statistics for measurement.  Set achievable and regular milestones in your marketing plan and get involved with your sales team so you can celebrate the success of your business.

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