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More Blogging Equals More New Sales

Ah the New Zealand business – company blog, it seems everyone’s got one (this is ours!), sadly not everyone is doing a great job blogging. When Businesses get it right – their sales are more consistent according to hubspot.


There is also a clear correlation between frequency of posts versus acquisition of new customers – more posts equals more new customers however in the crowded playing field of social media it’s hard to stand out and company blogs can end up on the blog burnout heap.

Avoid the following steps and you can be on your way to growing your audience, and acquiring more customers.

Follow These Steps To Kill Your Blog

  1. Don’t hyperlink to other relevant areas of your website or blog. Make sure it is difficult for people to find more information about your products or services.
  2. Copy + paste heaps of words from someone else’s blog or website and don’t quote them. This is copyright infringement and makes you unoriginal, and some may consider your act – one of theft too.
  3. Never post. Or alternatively post once every couple of months when you can be bothered.
  4. Don’t link to anywhere other than your own website. Try and pretend that the rest of the Internet doesn’t exist outside of your blog.
  5. Say ‘lol’. Say it a lot.
  6. Make sure the tone is mind-numbingly boring and technical. If it reads like a physics textbook you’re on the right track.
  7. Swear and post anything that might offend a significant portion of your readers. Get everyone talking about you in the worst possible way. Really drag your brand through the mud..
  8. Facebook, Digg, Twitter. Ignore all these. – you don’t want to share.
  9. Treat the company blog like it’s your personal Facebook profile, or even better your journal. Awkward.
  10. Make sure to write just one big solid piece of text with no images. Nice and boring.
  11. Make your blog the literary event of century and post whopping 1000+ word articles in an attempt to compete with Tolstoy.
  12. If you do choose to include images, don’t crop them and have text running over the top. (Hey, you’re just like Colin McCahon!)
  13. Spelling mistakes are always grate.
  14. Everyone loves invasive advertising.
  15. Everyone also likes popups.
  16. Proper sentences are annoying, it’s easier to just write search engine-baiting keywords.
  17. Breaking news! (From a week ago).
  18. Don’t proof read or edit your work, publish it raw and unfinished
  19. Get attention by trolling famous people.
  20. It’s really easy to just take an old post, change a few words and the heading then – bam! New blog post.
  21. Take your blog way off message and confuse potential customers.
  22. Don’t post relevant and interesting developments about your industry. Instead, talk about yourself.
  23. Go to a competitors blog and leave comments that either a) contribute nothing, or b) insult them. Follow either of these options up with a link to your website.
  24. Don’t even bother blogging in the first place. It’s not like it adds value or anything.

With so many don’t do’s – when blogging for your Business most of us would be guilty of a couple of these steps. We know it’s hard to get it right every time however when we put more effort into our blog posts the results will be clear for you and your management to see in more sales making all the fuss worthwhile. Consider Mobilize Mail’s ‘publish once broadcast many’ social media marketing solutions to get your blog found in key word search.

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