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Its All About Timing In Email Marketing

Email marketing makes sense only if the timing is perfect. The marketing campaign conducted via emails has to push the right message at the most opportune times or else it will not have the desired impact. The reason for this is not far to find. Email marketing involves sending emails to a set of subscribers who have opted and signed up for getting updates about a website’s products and updates.

But the email recipient has to be caught in the right mood by offering him just what he is looking for. While observing his buying behavior, it is also possible to influence it through the power of gentle persuasion through emails, cautiously educating and pushing him towards a conversion from a visitor of the website to a buyer.

It also needs to be remembered that the net savvy buyer looks at multiple products on multiple sites before actually buying. The idea is to catch his attention with what appeals to him most, be it competitive prices, superior quality or design, and not let him slip away to a competitor.

Email marketing has proved successful when personalized and addressed to individuals according to their likes and preferences. It is here that bulk email marketers fail, since they try to sell everything to everyone. A call to action cannot be pushed when the timing and the products are not right for the person in question.

Customers also need to be given sufficient notice about products and services being offered at special prices so as to enable them to avail offers. So some measures that can be taken include:

  • Giving prior notice- A special offer, discount or a new launch cannot be intimated on the day of the event itself, because people may not even see the mail that day. Giving notice prior to the event is a better way of catching their attention. A soft reminder closer to the date will help to refresh their memory as well. When people have busy lives they need to plan in advance and since they might just forget, they need to be reminded.
  • Specific dates help– Every so often emails mention, ‘offer valid for today only’. The today here could be any day, and unless the date is mentioned, it loses its impact. If the email is to create the sensation it wants to, it must reach prior to the date and the specific time. Losing out on a selling opportunity because a detail like this was overlooked, does not make sense.
  • Ensure emails reach at a time when they are most likely to be opened– From responses to emails it is generally possible to get an idea about what time people open their mails. This information can be used to send the email at precisely that time, so as to ensure that it is read and remembered.
  • Use an attention grabbing subject line – your timing will not matter if the email’s subject line does not grab the attention of the recipient, so make it reflective of the content and interesting.

The business may have to make adjustments according to the buying habits of its customers but if sales actually happen, it may be a small price to pay.  For more tips and strategies read Email Marketing NZ Planned Email Communications for Business Success 

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