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Part 3 – Share Content That Secures High Value Online Followers

This blog post is the final part in our series on  “how to market your New Zealand business with surgical precision”.

Part 1 in the series provided an understanding of why New Zealand businesses need to know exactly where their customers and prospects hang out online and why they need an active yet professional social presence to attract followers.

In part 2 we worked out which social media networks work well for New Zealand businesses and in this final part we focus on how to keep the high value followers and gain more momentum with sharing information online.

Question: How do we know the information we share in social networks is relevant to our intended audience (i.e. our customers and prospects)?

Answer: A quick review of who is following your business will give you a good indication of whether you’ve hit or missed the mark with your content.

For your business the quality of the follower is better than the quantity.  In some social media networking sites where perception is greater than reality having more followers can appear more important however for your business we’d recommend investing your time and effort in the networks that provide lots of feedback and measurement.  The goal of maintaining social media profiles for your business is to keep your existing customers happy and attract new prospects.

Providing content online is a cost to your business therefore you want your effort and investment rewarded with lots of relevant interaction from your followers that may turn in to business.  To understand the effectiveness of the content you are sharing the online asset (blog, social media network) must be able to provide some measurement (e.g. statistics on views, clicks etc) so you know what you’re sharing with your followers is working as desired and if the results suggest otherwise  you are empowered to change the information you share to achieve your business goals.

“Garbage in, Garbage out” – this is a techie term and is described in Wikipedia like this:

Garbage in, Garbage out is used primarily to call attention to the fact that computers will unquestioningly process the most nonsensical of input data (“garbage in”) and produce nonsensical output (“garbage out”)

Over time it is easy to lose focus and share whatever is easy to source rather than what will get the appropriate response from your followers hence measurement is a vital component of managing your social assets.  What we’ve identified over the years is not all social networks are equal – some get a better response from photos and others from 400 word articles.

In review of our own social presence – the content we put on our Facebook page ( is not appropriate for our blogs (PropertyBlogs/BusinessBusinessHub etc) and too much of our blog content on our Facebook page reduces the interaction we wish to achieve from our Facebook followers so it is important to avoid Garbage in, garbage out and target your intended audience appropriately in their social network of choice.

Your business therefore needs to work smarter at sharing appropriate content and assessing it’s impact over time.  We recommend analysing who is following you every three months and compare to earlier periods.

Too much of the same content may turn away the audience you are seeking or it may appropriately cull it – much like a sales funnel.  There is no one rule for all when it comes to sharing information in blogs and social networks and your business goals will more than likely differ from the goals of other companies.

Therefore observing your competitors online is worthwhile insofar as it will provide a benchmark for your success and if you struggling to made headway contact us we actively manage our own networks as well as provide our client with services including copy writing, blog implementation and management, all with a single focus – to growing your marketing database for effective email and social marketing.


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