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Part 2 Marketing – Where Can I Find Your NZ Business Online?

Today your New Zealandl business needs an active digital presence in the popular social media channels.

For New Zealand businesses Facebook, Twitter, and if your business is B2B then you’ll need to be on LinkedIn and of course Google Plus.  That’s four business profiles.

Your business also needs be found by Google Search engines and dynamic or ‘magnetic content’ is required – ensure you are running a blog on your business domain.

Do you have these basic digital assets set up for your business? – If not this is your starting point for your business to get more from your marketing 2013.

We recommend setting up a business blog – publishing your content on it and ideally using software like our Campaignhub to broadcast your blog posts to your social profiles and possibly our CSN network (30,000) too.

Essentially you can not measure what is not there.  If you don’t have a good solid foundation of assets in the popular digital channels your business is potentially missing out on customers or at the very least you’re likely to be spending more money than necessary to reach your customers.

Marketing spend that is measurable provides you with the power to elect where to dedicate the effort and $$ to get the maximum return for your business.

We know online now rules over traditional media channels and online is threatening traditionally offline businesses e.g. Retail is a sector that is getting lots of attention recently with online shops threatening their very existence.   So while many businesses have been slow to get a good online presence over and above a website – they too need to become smarter, evolve and reach out to interact with their customers – where their customers are hanging out.

This next comment may please many of you if you’re not Facebook fans – your customers may not all by hanging out on Facebook.

We’ve noticed lots of our customers love our blogs: BusinessBlogs, PropertyBlogs and even our Mobilize Mail Blog gets a good work out.  So while we post lots of information on our social media profiles we put the most effort into the quality of the information we publish on our blogs and from our blogs the quality content is broadcasted to our social profiles via our Campaignhub software.  This is how our customers prefer to interact with us.

Therefore once you have your digital presence set up and they are gaining momentum with new followers and good content then you can assess their popularity via measurement and the control of your marketing spend and effort is in your hands.


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