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The Importance of Blogs as a Business Marketing Tool

Blogs are a great way to reach out and as a New Zealand business marketing tool they offer you the ability to highlight aspects of your business and can add interest to goods and services that link into other business assets like websites and social media sites.

From a Social Media Marketing NZ perspective, when “blogging” it is crucial to have your blog linking to your websites and social media sites, getting readers to click through to your main assets has to be the primary goal of a blog.  Making the blog interesting and informative will maximize the chances of the reader engaging with your brand and business.

Benefits of Blogging For Your New Zealand Business

  • Creates business credibility – as long as your blogs are well thought out, credible and well written they will add kudos to your brand.
  • Keeps website content fresh – keeping your blogs ticking over and linked to your website will mean your business looks fresh and busy.
  • Engages customers – through allowing comments and engaging feedback your blogs will interest customers and prospects.
  • Improves SEO performance – using the right keywords and linking these to your website will increase your profile on search results and get your business found by those searching the keywords.
  • Increases traffic to your website – When you are writing blogs and your readers share your content by linking to it, this increase quality links to your website.

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