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What is Project Campfire

What is Project Campfire? It is a free service to help business owners that Mobilize Mail Limited is reigniting. Project Campfire is a blogging initiative that began 18 months ago, its focus is to help businesses get found on the internet and on the internet search engines.

From its inception the Project Campfire has been successful for businesses and offers a popular marketing solution that has no costs to them and asks for a minimum amount of time invested to succeed.

Mobilize Mail and the ”Project Campfire” service invites all business owners and entrepreneurs to get involved.

At Mobilize Mail Limited we understand the pressures that many business owners are under and know that finding the time to construct a 500 word article for a business blog can be daunting. The team at Mobilize Mail Limited can offer businesses who join their Project Campfire the ability to contribute to a themed blog posts comprising of many authors contributions.

See vital-tips-for-staying-positive/ for an example. This example post has 27 tips from 27 different business owners. The amount of reach that this one post has from the social media shares is impressive.

The benefits of being involved in Project Campfire are apparent and the high quality posts, will ensure a large readership and this will then lead to a significant distribution to our extensive social media assets, including @BusinessTalk, and quality back-links to your business website.

The next post on Project Campfire is “Survival Tips for Business Owners” and this post will focuses on tips for surviving the first 5 years of running a small business.

If you would like to contribute to this blog post then please fill in the form here.

Deadline for Submissions to this post is 17 JULY 2012

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