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How to Improve Content to Achieve Marketing Success

Marketing initiatives in the real world or online, through emails or other methods, have to be very good in terms of the message they are sending to their customers, to be successful.

Customers are highly perceptive and will have a positive response only if the communication appeals to them. Marketing professionals hence, need to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and see their messages from the receiving end to understand how or effective they are likely to be.

Unfortunately, a lot of New Zealand business’ online and email marketing efforts sound more like a sales pitch pushing products and services repeatedly in the course of a single email, leaving little space for good quality, informative content, that the customer may find interesting. It leaves the customer irritated, and he switches off, and there is no question of his ‘re-tweeting’ or sharing this message with others. The very purpose of such messages, then gets thwarted.

The basic principle of communications in any form is to make them engaging, interesting and useful enough so that people consider sharing them, passing them on and having them spread globally through their networks. Such content, termed ‘magnetic content’ in the West, may not be easy to gather and compose.

Content is needed for advertisements, blogs, newsletters and tweets, and it must always be crisp and interesting to hold the reader’s attention.

The features of good quality content include:

  • Unique and not re-spun
  • Informative, engaging and interesting
  • Written well, in simple easy to understand language, without grammatical errors
  • Must be useful for the reader, by providing inputs not previously known
  • Must make use of the medium being used, like social media, videos or smart phones
  • Must invoke the reader’s interest sufficiently so that he feels the need to share it with others on his network.

The best way to incorporate all these features into your content is an uphill task, but not impossible to achieve. The secret lies in keeping knowledge and information updated, knowing the latest events, news and developments, and to use all these to weave an interesting paragraph for customers to benefit from.

Your New Zealand Business blog is the place to put your content.

Again, knowing the target clientele or the customer likely to read it, helps to articulate better. Any marketing campaign or blog will be successful only if targets its audience right. These cannot be shots in the dark that will hit some right on the head, and lose the others who do not fall into that segment. For example, a baby foods campaign is useless for a couple with older children or with no children.

A lot of effort has to be put in to know the customer. Research firms gather information through surveys and retail outlets keep shoppers’ buying information intact, both of which can be combined to analyze customers’ buying behavior, their lifestyle and their preferences.

Many companies incorporate surveys into their email marketing solutions and this puts valuable data in the hands of marketers to customize their content for higher marketing success.

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