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Mobilize Mail – MMAPP3 More Features For Your Email Marketing

Like a child with a new toy I am excited about our new email marketing and delivery system. If you love measurement and viewing lots of statistics our new MMAPP3 (as our techies call it) is pushing all the right buttons. MMAPP3 is designed to empower our clients to make even smarter choices to secure…

Mobilize Mail – Email & Social Media Marketing Planning

When we talk about marketing plans it is important to recognize the difference between sales and marketing, often people think, incorrectly, that they are same thing. Marketing is essentially the ground work that allows you to get to a point where a sale can be negotiated and sealed. You could say that sales are an activity of marketing.

GiveAway Campaigns Build Your Email Marketing List Perfectly

Over the last couple of years many of our clients have secured our social medial marketing solutions for business and seen the positive results in their email marketing lists too. A blog is now a vital communication asset for your business and it also works twofold through providing ample material for a GiveAway campaign that grows your email marketing list.

Mobilize Mail’s Marketing Campaign Support Applications Perfect For Business

Business email and social media marketing campaigns are now less likely to be standalone marketing initiatives. More often than not Businesses market their products or services via online and offline channels simultaneously and managing the response from various the channels is a challenge that is now met with our marketing support applications.

Is a LinkedIn Connection Consent for Email Marketing?

Mobilize Mail, is a local ESP (email service provider) and it is important we know the DIA’s interpretation of Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. We recently requested their insight on ‘consent’ via social network membership.

Email Design – Layout and Format Tips

Just like web design, getting the layout of an HTML email right is essential. Here are some tips focusing on the layout and format of your email, these tips will help your Email marketing NZ campaigns to be successful.

Email Marketing – Trending Topics

What’s trending right now? Mid Winter, London Olympics, Rugby Finals, Batman Movie. There is always a buzz about something in the social media and the social media chatter can sometimes preempt mainstream media. While some themes and trends are best to keep away from, other positive trends can be a boost to your email marketing campaigns.

What is Project Campfire

What is Project Campfire? It is a free service to help business owners that Mobilize Mail Limited is reigniting. Project Campfire is a blogging initiative that began 18 months ago, its focus is to help businesses get found on the internet and on the internet search engines. From its inception the Project Campfire has been successful for businesses and offers a popular marketing solution that has no costs to them and asks for a minimum amount of time invested to succeed.

The Future of Email Marketing

The world of Email Marketing NZ is changing and your email marketing audience is changing too. Smartphones are all the buzz and the numbers of people assessing their email on smartphones and other Web enabled devices is growing day by day.