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The Future of Email Marketing

The world of Email Marketing NZ is changing and your email marketing audience is changing too.  Smartphones are all the buzz and the numbers of people accessing their email on smartphones and other Web enabled devices is growing day by day.

Is the smartphone market growing at a rate that your business needs to think about designing specifically for these devices?  The answer is a simple “Yes”, but the reality is that it is not a simple fix.

There are considerable differences between a PC and a smartphone user’s experience.  There are obvious issues of screen size and interactivity – your email has to look good on a small scale and touch screens mean that links have to be on the top of the screen.

If you want your email marketing campaigns to be able to be viewed on smartphones, consider the following;

  • Link to a Smartphone Version – historically links to mobile versions usually opened up text-only documents – no images, no HTML and no impact.  An alternate HTML version of your email marketing can be created for smartphone devices and then placed on the Web.  This version can then be formatted to deal with any limitations and will work within set parameters of the smartphone.
  • Email Design for the Smaller Screen Size – Most websites have fixed widths parameters that affect viewing and this one size fits all approach will need to be addressed for the smartphone markets.  A smartphone will be narrower than the 600 pixel standard that you may be used to now and this skinny approach will need to ensure that link and button sizes make sense for the smartphone market.
  • Email Length – Content will need to be limited and vital information will need to appear above the fold, this can be seen as a positive as you will be able to get your message and links across with minimum text.  The best email marketers know that “less is more” when it comes to email content and a fast read works best to cut content down for a quick read.
  • Email Content  – Wrapping text to fit the fit smaller screens is important and other content can be set up to expand if the reader chooses.  If the layout is too complex it may look unprofessional and be hard to read.

This is really a Content development for the mobile market and is still very new with no “industry standards”  being set.  It will take some time before email marketing to smartphones becomes the norm, but as a business it is worth being aware and doing some planning around this technology and get a jump on the competition.

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