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Mobilize Mail’s Marketing Campaign Support Applications Perfect For Business

Business email and social media marketing campaigns are now less likely to be standalone marketing initiatives.

More often than not New Zealand Businesses market their products or services via online (eDM) and offline (DM) channels simultaneously and managing the response from various the channels is a challenge.

This blog post introduces our marketing support applications which are perfect for meeting the challenges faced by Businesses marketing via online and offline channels.

Offline (DM = Direct Marketing) channels utilised in far reaching marketing campaigns may include the usual suspects: TV adverts, Radio Adverts, Print (newspaper, magazine advertorials and adverts) while online (eDM) channels may include: website online banners, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn adverts, social media broadcasting and email marketing nz.  There are lots of online and offline publishers keen for your marketing dollar.

However with lots of marketing channels available and utilised at the same time for a sales or marketing campaign, the Business faces a few challenges.  For example how does the Business know which channels are effective and which channels are not?

Another major challenge for the Business is how to manage lots of marketing response. It’s great to get the interest in your campaign but it’s what you do with it that really counts.

Online marketing can be a wonderful generator of response, especially if there’s a giveaway or prize draw in your marketing campaign.

The convenience of 24 x7 access to your online campaign and ease of responding be it to register for an event or enter a prize draw results in lots of entrants or leads but not all response is equal – and if there are hundreds of leads for your business that’s great but you need a system that can help you manage them efficiently.

This is where there is a requirement for online marketing support applications.

Mobilize Mail’s marketing support applications have been created from the ground up based on real client needs.  You may know some of our CSN assets ( and are publishers for online marketing campaigns so we are at the coalface of online advertising and we have been in the perfect position to hear our client’s pains with managing marketing campaign response.

Typical marketing support applications include:  Prize Draw/Giveaway entry and referral programs; Event Registration and Ticketing; LMS (lead management), and Client Data Management.

Over the next few blog posts we will present a marketing support application and how it is being utilised by one of our clients – essentially each blog post will be a case study for each application.

With more integration and blurring of the lines between online channels for marketing it is fundamental now more than ever before to use systems that provide the best understanding how to reach your intended audience and win their business.

The first case study will be Prize Draw and Giveaway entry and referral programs.

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