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Smart Tactics for Developing an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

In the CRM Software video below, Brian Brown from Silverpop discusses three tactics for taking your email marketing strategy from being outdated to being outstanding.

Brian highlights three key tactics –

  • Send a hello Message – after a potential customer has signed up for updates or has subscribed to a newsletter, don’t wait until the next newsletter or update to contact them, send a hello message straight away. This gives you an opportunity to give more information to them and acknowledges their actions.
  • Keep the Conversation Alive – Use email triggers to get customers to take action.
  • Follow up on Abandoned carts – This analogy refers to the situation where a customer might fill up their shopping cart with things to buy – but then not actually buy them. Following up these customers who have begun an action – but not completed it – is a good Email marketing NZ strategy. With a gentle reminder many customers will continue with the sign up or purchase.

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