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Email Marketing – Trending Topics

What’s trending right now? Mid Winter, London Olympics, Rugby Finals, Batman Movie. There is always a buzz about something in the social media and the social media chatter can sometimes preempt mainstream media. While some themes and trends are best to keep away from, other positive trends can be a boost to your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing NZ has become one of the most effective ways a small business can communicate with their customers and to link your email to a trending topics gives your campaign an up to date and “in the know” feel. It offers your client base something popular and current to equate your campaign with and can connect that all important first glace at the subject line to a click through.

To boost email engagement from your readers – here are a few key ideas.

Leveraging Trending Topics

  • Get in quick – Social media is all about the moment, so you cannot schedule all trend topics in advance what the email may be about and how it links to your campaigns. Some, of course, can be – like the Olympics and you can have a general feel for what you will do.
  • Be Prepared – If you want to celebrate a Super Rugby win – have 2 emails prepared to cover each team as the victor.
  • Reel them in – you cannot rely on the event alone ensuring the success of your email, use that as the motivator and once the reader has opened the email then make sure you have plenty of offers and interest to get them engaged.
  • Do your Homework – Be certain that you are not breaching any copyright laws and that what you are marketing does not create any legal headaches for your business.
  • Timing – if you are using trending topics, then you need to email quickly, as even a week can make a huge difference to the relevance of your topic.
  • Consider your market – if your topic is about the Super Rugby then align with the demographic that links with that.

To keep up with the trends try such sites as twitter, and you will see the numbers that are interested in particular areas and topics. Think ahead, so with the Olympics you could have a few email campaigns all ready to go, through this event. Be consistent to your brand and keep away from tragic events – instead focus on positive topics.

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