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Make your Facebook Page a Fan Favorite

With your Facebook fan page there are so many choices to make – there is such a wide choice of set up options, including live chat options, photos, updates, video, and links. Having a Facebook plan should be top most in your businesses Social Media Marketing NZ strategy.

Pinterest And Your Business

There is a real buzz around about Pinterest and it is no surprise that it is the fastest growing social media site, but Pinterest is not for everyone. The percentage of Pinterest visitors who click on links that go to other sites, is higher on Pinterest than it is on other social media sites, The largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology – reports Pinterest is ranked the number 3 social media site.

Setting up your New Facebook Page Design

There have been many changes recently to Facebook Pages, so if you have a Business Facebook Page, as at the 31st of March 2012 you will now see the new Timeline set up for your page and you will need to update some of your content on your Facebook Page in order to keep the Page looking sharp and professional.

How To Improve Online Marketing

The year 2011 saw online businesses using more effective advertising techniques to reach out to a targeted audience. These techniques were evolved with the aid of research data available about consumer preferences, and the principal idea was to increase brand awareness, make online buying a hassle free experience and also ensure that shopping carts are not abandoned midway due to some site navigation issues.

Women Tweet More & Twitter Gets Serious

This is probably not really news to most of us who are of the belief that women talk more than men – however it is confirmed in a article on that women use twitter to send ‘tweets’ 40 percent more often than men do. This revelation was identified on the new Twitter Follower dashboard.

Social Media Is The Way Forward for Business to Business Marketing

There’s a lot of talk about using online social media platforms to grow your business by connecting directly with consumers. But should we be using these tools for B2B (Business to Business) marketing? Recent statistics out of the USA show that the annual spend on B2B social media marketing is expected to increase from $11…

How did Rodney Wayne’s Give-away benefit from using Mobilize Mail’s Social Media Solution?

Rodney Wayne’s Downstage Promotion was part of an ongoing promotional program in conjunction with Downstage Theatre. The March 2010 promotion offered a give-away of a complimentary cut and blow-wave at Rodney Wayne Cuba Mall, two tickets to the opening night of Biography of my Skin starring Miranda Harcourt and a voucher for food and beverages to the value of $200 at the Hippopotamus restaurant at The Museum Hotel.