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How did Rodney Wayne’s Give-away benefit from using Mobilize Mail’s Social Media Solution?

The Promotion:

Rodney Wayne’s Downstage Promotion was part of an ongoing promotional program in conjunction with Downstage Theatre. The March 2010 promotion offered a give-away of a complimentary cut and blow-wave at Rodney Wayne Cuba Mall, two tickets to the opening night of Biography of my Skin starring Miranda Harcourt and a voucher for food and beverages to the value of $200 at the Hippopotamus restaurant at The Museum Hotel.

Details of the promotion were sent out to Rodney Wayne’s Cuba Mall and Queensgate customers via Mobilize Mail’s email marketing system as a special HTML email promotion.

In order to maximize the number of entrants for the promotion Rodney Wayne utilized CampaignHub’s Campaign Event Management feature to spread the word about the promotion via Facebook and Twitter.

Rodney Wayne’s Promotion gets all over Social Media:

Using CampaignHub’s Campaign Event Management feature the promotion was displayed within several Facebook “Fan” pages (Figure 1) whereby any visitor to the “Fan” pages could see details about the promotion and click the “Sign-Up” link to enter into the promotion using a custom-made online entry form (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Promotion displayed within Facebook.

Messages were also automatically published on personal and “Fan” page walls during the promotion.

Figure 2: Promotions entry web page.

Promotion Messages (“Tweets”) were also setup on a schedule to be automatically published to a number of Twitter profiles during the promotion (Figure 3). The link provided within the message went straight to the promotions entry form.

Figure 3: Messages about the promotion automatically published to Twitter.

Empowering entrants to promote your brand to their friends:

Once a person entered the promotion via the promotion’s entry form the entrant was encouraged to invite their friends within Facebook and Twitter using simple widgets provided within the entry form page Figure 4-5.

The widgets, when used by the entrant, send custom messages to their friends and followers within Facebook and Twitter thus reaching people Rodney Wayne never knew prior to this promotion using third-party endorsement!

Figure 4: Easy to use widget for entrant to alert their friends on Twitter.

Figure 5: Easy to use widget for entrant to alert their friends on Facebook.

By inviting their friends to the promotion the entrants were causing a viral event to occur within Facebook and Twitter! Once their friends entered the promotion they were also encouraged to alert their own friends using the same widgets that alerted them in the first place. By encouraging each round of entrants to alert their own network of friends the promotion spread like wildfire.


CampaignHub’s Campaign Event Management feature allowed Rodney Wayne’s “Hippopotamus” give-away to go deep into Facebook’s and Twitter’s networks to not only increase the amount of entrants but to increase brand awareness for Rodney Wayne in a manner most acceptable to the social networks communities – endorsement from their own friends.

The give-away was promoted on Facebook “Fan” Pages and promotion messages where automatically published to “Fan” Page and personal Facebook walls.

“Tweets” were also set to be published to Twitter profiles during the promotion.

The promotions entry form was custom-made within CampaignHub allowing for input fields such as First Name, last Name etc… to be created. Entry rules were applied so only people resident within New Zealand and over the age of 18 could enter (Figure 6).

Figure 6: Add entry rules for entrants with ease.

Entrants details and referral information was also presented in real-time so key referrers could be located and encouraged.

Rodney Wayne found that creating their “Hippopotamus” Give-away promotion using CampaignHub’s Campaign Event Management tools made for a quick and simple process while at the same time leveraging off the viral power of Facebook and Twitter.

Please contact Donna for more information on how our social media solution can help your business.

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