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Make your Facebook Page a Fan Favorite

With your Facebook fan page there are so many choices to make – there is such a wide choice of set up options, including live chat options, photos, updates, video, and links. Having a Facebook plan should be top most in your businesses Social Media Marketing NZ strategy.

Each of these options have their own advantages and you should have a good look around popular pages to see what they are using to engage fans. Whatever the content you post, there are particular messaging strategies that consistently prove to maximize fan engagement.

Some specific content strategies work across many different brand pages, both as a trigger for instant engagement and to also inspire fans to keep coming back to your page for more and sharing your links with their friends.

What are your fan’s passionate about

If you already know what your fans are passionate about you must make sure that your Page is the best place for them to come to. So stay within your market – if you sell clothing lines then talk about the latest trends and designs, if your brand is a food line then play to this market with recipes and training videos – ask your fans to give their favourite recipe or interact with them about any food questions they have.

Do your homework and focus on the unique personality of your fan base to determine what type of content they will respond to with the keenest enthusiasm. Loyalty to your page begins by engaging your fans on a personal and emotional level.

Ask simple closed questions

A closed question is one that has simple answer – with few options. So a yes or no type answer. For example – “would you try this recipe at home?” Who wouldn’t rather do a task that’s quick and easy, you will get greater buy in and interest from fans if you keep it simple.

An open-ended question is designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer, open-ended questions also tend to be more objective and less leading so this would require fans to consider and write out their answers. Day-to-day interactions on Facebook don’t really offer fans much reward other than taking part in a community, so make sure your messaging is easy to interact with.

Avoiding too many open ended questions and making questions a “Yes” or “No” answer will gain a bigger fan response.

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