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Women Tweet More & Twitter Gets Serious

This is probably not really news to most of us who are of the belief that women talk more than men – however it is confirmed in a article on that women use twitter to send ‘tweets’ 40 percent more often than men do. This revelation was identified on the new Twitter Follower dashboard.

Twitter Follower Dashboard – A Marketers Dream

The Twitter Follower dashboard is a marketers dream – providing key measurement at your fingertips. You can view analytics to trend the growth in your profile followers and compare your results with competitor accounts. Not that I’d recommend spending a lot of time looking out the rear view mirror (at your competitors), there’s no doubt that this new feature is desired and overall the Follower dashboard can be useful for determining what information is sought by your followers so you can be providing more of it.

For example you can now search on follower location, gender and ‘interests’ and break interests down further into categories.

With this new feature comes the need to understand how to get your profile to the top of Twitter searches i.e. Twitter SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Are you ignoring Twitter for your Business? Contact Us and we’ll let you know how to get started – without spending your valuable time tweeting….unless you are a female of course and you want to tweet for your business.

We’re on the look out for more new Twitter features including the probable branded pages similar to the Facebook offering – and this is sure to open up a lot more opportunity for your business profile. If you haven’t got your business Twitter profile operational or you want a smarter way to use it for your business – contact us.

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