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Pinterest And Your Business

There is a real buzz around about Pinterest and it is no surprise that it is the fastest growing social media site, but as a Social Media Marketing NZ tool – Pinterest is not for everyone.

The percentage of Pinterest visitors who click on links that go to other sites, is higher on Pinterest than it is on other social media sites, The largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology – reports Pinterest is ranked the number 3 social media site, with 104 million visitors, behind Facebook with 7 billion and Twitter with 182 million visitors.

But even with these impressive numbers – how do you know if Pinterest is the right forum for you and your business and will it give you a return on investment that is worthwhile? Consider these 3 key factors:

  • Over 85% of Pinterest users are female between the ages of 25 and 54.
  • Pinterest is a visual forum that uses pictures and photos foremost.
  • Planning – Does your business or brand have a planning or event focus, like travel, property renovation, fashion or hobbies.

If you decide that Pinterest is for you and your business and you want your brand to have a presence, then you need to ensure that what you know and have learned by using other social media forums is put into practice with Pinterest.

Where to begin

Create your customized boards for different parts of your customer and email database, this will tailor to different customer focus’s and will help you to know who is pinning from your site and then you can engage them on other social media forums. You can then begin pinning your emails and newsletters to your boards.

Linking it all together

  • Keep it fresh – Keep your boards looking current and fresh by rearranging them often and make sure featured pins are top of the page.
  • Pin This – Use “Pin This” icons on content all emails or newsletters.
  • Campaigns – Run some email campaigns that inform your client database about Pinterest and links to your boards.
  • Visuals – Include visuals of Pinterest activity in your email campaigns.
  • Calendars – Tie specific boards to your email marketing calendar – such as holidays or sales that are brand relevant.
  • Icons – Add the Pinterest icon to your standard social media sharing icons – including in email campaigns and newsletters.
  • Keep it Social – “repin” others’ pins, monitor the local news and community activity

If you are using both email and social media sites to connect and communicate with clients, then you will find that linking them together in a planned and coordinated way will make a significant positive change in the return on investment that social media gives your business.



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