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How Did Giapo Take Advantage of CampaignHub’s Social Media Solutions?

The Promotion

Giapo, in support of World Malaria Day decided to donate all revenue earned between 3pm and 4pm on the 25th of April 2010 to UNICEF NZ.

In order to encourage as many people as possible to purchase a gelato within that hour Giapo provided a prize draw where the main prize was a month of free gelatos.

To enter the prize draw an entrant had to complete the online entry form and purchase a gelato between 3pm and 4pm on the 25th April. The competition provided an incentive for people to come to the store and buy a gelato within the charity hour.

To maximize exposure of the prize draw within Facebook and Twitter Giapo utilized CampaignHub’s Event Management feature.

Promote And They Will Come

CampaignHub’s Event Management feature provided Giapo the tools to easily create the prize draw competition and have the competition details promoted on a number of Facebook Pages and Twitter Profiles (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Prize draw displayed within Facebook.

In order to reach as many people as possible promotional messages were also scheduled to be automatically published to Facebook walls and Twitter profiles during the prize draw entry period (Figure 2-3-4).

Figure 2: A scheduled promotional message automatically published to a Twitter profile.

Figure 3: A scheduled promotional message automatically published to another Twitter profile.

Figure 4: A promotional message published to a Facebook Page wall.

The Online Entry Form

The prize draw’s entry form was created within CampaignHub using the form wizard. The form wizard provides a huge amount of configuration options including eligibility requirements for the prize draw. For this prize draw an age restriction and country of residence was applied (Figure 5).

Figure 5: CampaignHub provides a competition eligibility section.

The entry form provided details of the competition, input fields and a “Like” Facebook Fan widget so entrants could become a fan of the Giapo Fan page with one click of the mouse (Figure 6).

Figure 6: The prize draw entry form (note the “Like” Facebook button).

Spread The Word!

Once the entrant submitted the prize draw entry form CampaignHub displayed the “Invite Fields” web page which encouraged entrants to tell their Twitter and Facebook friends about the prize draw using the simple-to-use widgets (Figure 7-8).

Figure 7: “Invite Friends” web page with the Twitter widget.

Figure 8: The Facebook widget provided within the “Invite Friends” tab.

To encourage an entrant to contact as many of their friends as possible CampaignHub provides an incentive tool. The incentive tool works by recording the number of referrals an entrant generates. If an entrant reaches a pre-set number of referrals (in this case 10 referrals) the entrant wins another prize (Figure 9).

Figure 9: An entrant is sent an email once they have referred 10 entrants to the prize draw.

As part of the prize draw entry process each entrant received a HTML branded email containing the entrants details. The entrant was required to bring a print-out of the email to the Giapo store and hand the print-out to a Giapo staff member so they could be added to the prize draw bucket (Figure 10).

Figure 10: Sending of the HTML emails was managed automatically by Mobilize Mail which connects directly with CampaignHub.

The Result!

The prize draw campaign helped Giapo spread the word about the charity event within Facebook and Twitter using not only their own social media profiles but leveraging off other profiles owned by CampaignHub and other businesses.

Once the prize draw was setup within CampaignHub Giapo could forget the prize draw and focus on other things. CampaignHub would automatically open and close the prize draw, manage the promotional messages and entry submissions.

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