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Setting up your New Facebook Page Design

This is the second installment in our guide to the recent Facebook page changes and it will help you maximize your impact on  Social Media Marketing NZ.

There have been many changes recently to Facebook Pages, so if you have a Business Facebook Page, as at the 31st of March 2012 you will now see the new Timeline set up for your page and you will need to update some of your content on your Facebook Page in order to keep the Page looking sharp and professional.

When logging in and accessing your Facebook business page as the administrator, you will be greeted with the following prompt:

By selecting the “Learn More” or “take a tour” links you will be guided through step by step all the new features.  In the tour there are 5 steps – 1 – About, 2 – Views, 3 – Star, Hide or Pin, 4- Admin Panel and 5 – Messages.

1 – About

First up you will need to set up the Cover Photo for your page, this is very similar to the Timeline feature on personal profiles and is a large banner image that will be shown at the top of your page.  Photos parameters are 851 X 315 pixels – get creative and choose something that really encapsulates your brand.  There are some rules for the cover photos, these are;

  • Photos cannot include price or purchase information
  • The Cover cannot include any contact information, like physical, web or email addresses
  • References, such as Shares or Likes, cannot be displayed on the cover.
  • Other Calls to Action, such as “Tell your Friends” or “Click here” may not be displayed.
  • As with all images – they may not be offensive, false or deceptive and you may not infringe copyright.

Once you have set your Cover, you will then be prompted to adjust your profile picture.

2 – Views

The new Page design features photos, likes, and apps  (up to 12 apps can be shown) at the top of your page below your cover photo.   Automatically, Photos are featured first, but as a page admin you can rearrange them

Admins can customize  images that get shown for each app in Admin Panel select the ‘Manage’  menu then choose ‘Edit Page’

3 – Star, Hide and Pin

Here you can modify how things appear in your timeline.  By hovering your mouse over a story you can customize it, highlight it  using the star or delete it.  You can Pin or anchor a particular story so that it appears at the top of your Facebook Page.  Pinning will remain active for up to 7 days – or you can alter anytime.

4 – Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is now available to Admins at the top right of the business page and there are many actions that can be carried out by the admin here, some of these include;

  • edit page settings
  • respond to comments
  • Page Insights
  • Create New Ads

Explore these Admin features – each feature has a blurb explaining what they are about, but really just having an explore around will help acclimatize you to the features.

5 – Messages

Messages are a new addition for business pages, Admins can set up the page to allow users to send them personal messages.To turn the messages on or off just access the Admin Panel, select the Manage menu, then choose Edit Page and Manage Permissions. 



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