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How Rodney Wayne Successfully Gained New Clients Using CampaignHub


Rodney Wayne – Franchisee Swan Management ran a 2 week social media Prize Draw campaign with an objective to secure repeat business from clients and non-clients alike.

The results confirm the success of the campaign was twofold. Nearly 500 people joined their email marketing list and 359 non-clients received a special offer; plus near on 600 existing clients communicated they were keen to keep their custom with Rodney Wayne – result!

I was wrapt with the results we achieved with our second Campaign Hub promotion. What really worked for me was Mobilize Mail’s strategic approach and coaching throughout the process.

We looked at every angle of the previous campaign and decided how we could best optimize the wealth of new email addresses and potential RW clients and then measure the results.

We know that Campaign Hub will get us sales leads, our challenge as a business is to now maximise those sales leads and really ramp up our ROI. And think how we utilise Campaign Hub again soon! .” Josie (Client’s testimonial)

Rodney Wayne Prize Draw Campaign Event Results:
Total No. of Campaign Entrants: 1077 arrow_up
Total No. of Campaign Entrants – Non RW Clients 359 arrow_up
Total No. of New Email Database Subscribers: 480 arrow_up
Total No. of Campaign Entrants who Referred
153 arrow_up
Total No. of Campaign Entrants who were Referred: 361 arrow_up


Overview of the Campaign Event Solution for Rodney Wayne

A dedicated landing page was created to communicate Rodney Wayne’s Prize Draw – The landing page has a ‘register now’ link to the Prize Draw registration.

The Prize Draw was also directly accessible via Facebook Pages and Twitter profiles.

Utilising Mobilize Mail’s email marketing and delivery service Rodney Wayne delivered a Prize Draw message to their email database, where recipients could link directly to the Campaign Event registration or view more detail on the landing page before clicking through to register. This process was measured via our email and campaign statistics reporting.

CampaignHub’s sharing tools programmatically broadcasted the Prize Draw to multiple twitter profiles and Facebook Pages during the two-week campaign.

Image 1 illustrates the inbound entrants via email, and social media. Rodney Wayne also leveraged off CampaignHub’s extensive social media network which includes online social networks e.g. Business Blogs.

Image 1 – Inbound Entrant Registrations via Social Media sites, Websites, & Email

Campaign Event – Facebook Page Promotion Tab

Presenting the Prize Draw in Facebook was achieved via the creation of a custom tab added to a Facebook Page. This custom tab was added to Rodney Wayne’s page and configured to be the first page visible to all non-Page followers.

The custom tab was managed by CampaignHub and allowed visitors to view the Campaign Event details and then click a button to register.

Image 2 – Facebook Promotions Custom Tab – Managed by CampaignHub

Campaign Event – Prize Draw Registration Page

Image 3 provides a visual of the actual registration page for the Rodney Wayne Prize Draw.

Image 3 – Sign Up page for the Prize Draw

The registration page was created in CampaignHub via a form wizard, which allows unlimited entry fields and input validation rules … as seen in image 4.

Image 4 – Visual of a form wizard in CampaignHub

Campaign Event Registration Page – Detail

Image 5 provides a visual of the data fields capturing Prize Draw entrant details for Rodney Wayne to utilize at a later date. The registration form provides mandatory fields and applies the Facebook restrictions to any entrants coming directly from Facebook.

Image 5 – Entrant Data Capture Fields

The registration form also provides the Facebook “Like” button for the clients Facebook Page to encourage more fans as seen in image 6.

Image 6 – Visual of Facebook ‘Like’ for Rodney Wayne in Wellington

Campaign Event – Referral Program

CampaignHub’s ‘Campaign Events’ encourage more participation with a referral program. Entrants can win prizes when they successfully refer the Campaign Event to other people. All referred Entrants are linked to the referrer via a unique referrer code. When referrers are getting close to the Prize target they receive an email letting them know how many they have left to refer before they win their referral prize.

Image 7 – Referral Configuration Section in CampaignHub

Campaign Event – Referral Program – Email Widget

Image 8 below is a visual of CampaignHub’s email Widget – it is the first of three widgets that encourage the sharing of the Campaign Event to secure more Entrants.

Image 8 – visual of Email Widget for ‘Invite Friends’

The Entrant can elect to email their friends and workmates with a pre-set email. The email content is personalised with the entrant’s own personal details so the recipient of the email can verify who sent the message to them and that it came from a trusted source.

Note: Rodney Wayne Prize Draw secured 361 referred entrants.

Campaign Event – Referral Program – Twitter Widget

The second widget for sharing via the ‘Invite Friends’ is by utilizing the Campaign Event’s Twitter widget. See image 9 for a visual of the Twitter widget.

Image 9 – Twitter Widget for ‘Invite Friends’

Campaign Event – Referral Program – Facebook Widget

The third and final sharing widget is the Facebook Widget and image 10 shows it’s functionality where Entrants can elect their friends individually or as a group. The sharing of the Campaign Event is via a message that ends up on their friend’s personal wall.

Image 10 – Facebook widget for ‘Invite Friends’


This two week Campaign provided valuable statistics for measuring ROI, where this Rodney Wayne franchisee could realise the benefits to their business.

They secured a list of new prospects for their business, hundreds of new email list subscribers for on-going email marketing communication, and the Campaign provided the opportunity for existing clients to win prizes including getting their hair cut & styled for a whole year. The objective of the campaign was exceeded where repeat business from current clients and new business was secured.

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