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Its All About Timing In Email Marketing

Email marketing makes sense only if the timing is perfect. The marketing campaign conducted via emails has to push the right message at the most opportune times or else it will not have the desired impact. The reason for this is not far to find. Email marketing involves sending emails to a set of subscribers who have opted and signed up for getting updates about a website’s products and updates.

What Do Your Recipients Do With Your Email Message?

As an email marketer, knowing what your clients get up to once they receive your email is integral to the success of your campaigns.
If you don’t know what they do online, how can you know what they want from you and how can you target your content to their needs.

Analysing Your Email Campaign Click Rate

CTOR (Click to Open Rate) = the ratio of unique clicks as a percentage of unique opens (unique views). Are you reviewing your CTOR each time you mail out? If not we recommend you do. The CTOR statistic is presented on your ADMIN Homepage (the page you see after you have logged into your account)….

More Likely to Purchase After Receiving Email

In Asia Pacific 65% said they were more likely to buy a product after receiving a marketing email. Wow! That is a huge result for the advocates of email marketing, and a reminder to anyone not on board to get started with email marketing immediately. Globally the result was also impressive with nearly 6 out…

Key Techniques for Growing Your Mailing Lists

Key Techniques for Growing Your Mailing Lists: Website home page ‘sign up’ subscribe facility – and thoughout website Signature Link in emails Subscribe Link in all Mail Out messages Lineage in all marketing campaigns Run regular subscription promotions Website Subscribe Facility A high percentage of website visitors never go beyond your homepage so put the…

How being a bit smarter with your email marketing can bring great returns

A frequent question I get asked is “what can I do to increase the success of my email marketing campaigns?”. To help I have provided some tips below: Get to know your subscribers. The most important tip I can give you is to apply common sense to your email marketing strategy. For example before you…

Forward to a Friend, Feedback & Subscribe to Grow your mailing list!

Earlier in the year we updated our 2008 article titled – New Year’s Resolution – Grow Your Mailing List. How did you get on – did you manage to deploy our key techniques? If so, right now you’d be witnessing new people joining your mailing list on a regular basis and you’d be getting the…

Subscriber Upload Enhancement

We are please to announce that you can now upload your subscribers within Excel spreadsheets! I know this enhancement will please a few clients who find using a CSV file a bit too nerdy. The process for bulking uploading subscribers is still the same. The system is smart enough to know if you are using…