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How being a bit smarter with your email marketing can bring great returns

smarterA frequent question I get asked is “what can I do to increase the success of my email marketing campaigns?”.

To help I have provided some tips below:

Get to know your subscribers.

The most important tip I can give you is to apply common sense to your email marketing strategy.

For example before you hit the “send” button ask yourself this question: “if I was to receive this email from a business would I find the content of benefit to me?”. If you answered “hmm…” or “no” then imagine what your subscribers would think!

Don’t send your subscribers pure sales content. In order to gain a foothold in the minds of people you need to make them feel like they are getting value from reading your emails.

Respect your subscribers.

If your subscribers signed up to your mailing list because you told them they would receive interesting information about your products, services or a topic they are interested in then I suggest you do not send them content that is different from what they are expecting.

Ask yourself this: “would you be happy if you signed up to receive information on camera’s only to receive emails on their business partners new car yard?” What would you do in response? This will be the action that most subscribers will take as well.

Set a frequency of emailing your subscribers and stick to it.

One of the worst things you can do is promise to send out a monthly email and then change to send out fortnightly or weekly. This again comes down to respecting your subscribers. They signed up in good faith to what you initially stated so it would not be a great idea to break that promise. If you want to increase the frequency then create a new email campaign stream and invite the subscriber to join in your next regular email campaign.

Help your subscribers spread the word about your emails.

mail_1Your email service provider should allow you to add in links such as “Forward to aFriend” and “Web Version” to your email templates. This enables your subscribers to send your emails in a controlled and professional way to other people who they think might be interested in your content.


Segment your subscribers to provide more targeted content.

In today’s world people want targeted content sent to them because most don’t have the time to read through the irrelevant stuff to get to what they want.

I recommend you look at the click statistics of your email campaigns to see what subscribers are interested in then create new mailing lists based on the statistics. Then create targeted email content.

For example if your business provides legal services to the business community and you had the following 3 topics:

1) Legal advice for unfair dismissal submissions,

2) How a business can protect themselves from defamation cases,

3) How to reduce your legal costs.

The click statistics should tell you which subscribers are interested in which topics. You should then be able to create a new mailing list for each topic and add all the subscribers that clicked the relevant link into the new mailing lists in one click of the mouse button.

You now can really target your content to the right subscribers!

Partner with an email service provider.

There are many other smart ways to increase the success of your email campaigns. The most important consideration is partnering with an email service provider that not only has the advanced tools but the knowledge to customize an email marketing strategy that suits your requirements.

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